Multiple Cokegasms In the past, Americans drank four times more milk than carbonated soft drinks, but today we drink two and a half times more soft drinks than milk. Not only are soft drinks the main source of sugar in our diets, but intake of high fructose corn syrup has jumped 4,080% in the past few years and might be linked to our obesity epidemic. According to researchers, this type of sugar is more likely to be stored as fat than burned as energy, thus leading to weight gain. Besides, we don’t register calories from liquids, so we don’t compensate by cutting back elsewhere. That might explain why the risk for being overweight goes up with each can of soda pop consumed. Need an alternative? For the fizzle without the calories, switch to carbonated water or diet soft drinks. Limit regular soft drinks to one a week…better yet, cut them out altogether.

Photo credit: Liam via Compfight