Here are three to try:

Sweet Treat #1: Strawberries and Chocolate
Chocolate is the most craved food and women are the ones most likely to crave it. You get your chocolate fix quilt-free with a bowlful of fresh strawberries dunked in dark-chocolate syrup. This snack supplies a third of your day’s need for fiber (which lowers your risk for colon and breast cancer, as well as heart disease – the number one killer after menopause), all of your vitamin C, and hefty doses of minerals and B vitamins for only 160 calories. Not bad for a chocolate treat!

Sweet Treat #2: A Sweet Alternative to a Candy Bar
Stuff an almond into each of 4 pitted, lemon-flavored dried plums (prunes). This sweet, chewy and crunchy snack supplies 3 grams of fiber, hefty amounts of B vitamins, potassium, and iron, all for only 115 calories. Better yet, a study from Tufts University where researchers investigated the total antioxidant content of a variety of fruits and veggies found that dried plums outranked all other produce two to one as a source of antioxidants.

Sweet Treat #3: Yogurt Parfait
A yogurt parfait made with custard-style low-fat yogurt and topped with whipped cream tastes sinfully delicious. It’s low in fat and supplies 26% of your day’s need for vitamin B2, 40% of your need for B12 (important in memory and energy), 26% of your calcium needs (for strong bones), and lots of zinc to boost your immune system. Since most women average only 600mg of calcium a day, yet need almost twice that, this is one sweet treat you can feel good about!