rachel and her cupcake dessert - _MG_0923 In general, yes. Men are more likely to “prefer” protein-fat mixtures and so go for steak, meatloaf, potatoes and gravy, or hamburgers. Women crave the sugar-fat mixtures and typically go for sweet-‘n-creamies, such as ice cream, chocolate, cookies, pies, doughnuts, and cake. Researchers at Rockefeller University theorize that these age-old cravings were useful in the days when men needed to maintain high levels of muscle mass, while women needed to maintain body fat stores in the event of pregnancy. But, this is just a generalization and doesn’t apply to everyone. I’m sure you know men who crave doughnuts and women who crave rack of lamb. What we do know is that almost all women (97 percent) and most men (68 percent) occasionally find it hard to “just say no” to a craving. Photo credit: sean dreilinger via Compfight