Pancake syrup is sugar water with a high glycemic index score of 76, which means it dumps into the blood fast, raising blood sugar levels too high. Instead, make that topping work for your health and waistline. This is a great way to help meet your quota of eight or more fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. If you feel the need for an extra boost of sweetness, drizzle any of the following with a little agave nectar, which has a glycemic index score as low as 14.
1. Fresh or thawed blueberries, strawberries, or a mixture of berries and other fruits.
2. A tablespoon of all-fruit apricot jam and a sliced banana
3. Fat-free sour cream or nonfat plain yogurt and mango chunks
4. Fat-Free ricotta cheese and mandarin oranges
5. A tablespoon of peanut butter and sugar-free applesauce.