It may be hard to believe, but even with our abundance of food, American women can still have marginal to severe vitamin deficiencies. I enjoyed a terrific interview with Lauri at Mom-to-be-Depot to discuss some of the most common vitamin needs of women throughout their lives.

Here is an excerpt from Lauri’s interview with me.

Existing vitamin deficiencies common in women:

Folic acid
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12 and B6

How do you know if you are deficient? When vitamins were discovered 100 years ago, symptoms were obvious. People who were Vitamin C deficient died from scurvy. Today, there are marginal nutritional deficiencies so the symptoms are vague. You may feel under the weather, tired, have skin that is aging fast, etc. Symptoms don’t make you feel sick enough to go to a doctor. Symptoms are vague today but consequences great later on.

Calcium is a perfect example, there are no symptoms. However, the deficiency is brewing under the surface and bones become porous and by the time women are post-menopausal, they have Osteoporosis.

Which supplements should we take?

Elizabeth recommends a 4-step program on days you don’t eat perfectly (as described above for ideal daily nutrition). Supplements are the foundation:

1. Take a good solid vitamin and mineral, moderate dosage of 100-300% daily value (Lauri takes One-A-Day Vita Craves)

2. Calcium/Magnesium pill

3. extra Vitamin D – it’s impossible to get enough each day

4. Omega fat DEHA – critical for mood, mind, memory and heart. Your body needs this if you are not getting 2-3 servings of fatty fish per week (salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines).

From conception until the end of life we need the same 13 vitamins. But the importance of the vitamins change as we age.

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