Elizabeth Somer, MA, RD, shares smart, healthy food solutions for busy people who want to maximize their energy and health.

Elizabeth is one of the most trusted sources of nutritional information whose work has helped millions achieve their ideal health through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.

As a busy, working mother of two, Elizabeth’s books and articles on nutrition are written for people with demanding lives who need smart solutions to stay healthy and energized. She studies the most current nutritional research and shares the best, practical living-well tips on television, in print and via social media.

Elizabeth is a frequent guest on national and local television, including the Today Show, The View, Dr. Oz, and AM Northwest.

She has conducted hundreds of national and regional radio talk shows, more than 350 local television interviews, 16 satellite media tours, and 100s of public presentations, workshops, and continuing education seminars on current nutrition research, from women’s issues, anti-aging, and the food-mood link to the prevention of disease and vitamin-mineral pharmacology. She is listed with several speaker’s bureaus and has completed numerous media-training courses.

An award-winning writer, Elizabeth is the Editor-in-Chief of Nutrition Alert!, a newsletter that compiles current nutrition research from more than 6,000 journals. She is Advisory Board member to Shape Magazine and has written more than 300 articles in numerous national magazines, including Cooking Light, Cosmopolitan, Eating Well, Fitness, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Redbook, Self, American Health, Better Health and Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Fast and Healthy, Fit Pregnancy, First for Women, Healthy Living, Living Fit, Mature Outlook, McCalls, Mens Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, Prevention, Sesame Street Parents Magazine, Shape, Walking Magazine, Women’s Sports, Fitness, and Working Woman. She also has written for Medizine, Healing Lifestyles, and numerous websites. Ms. Somer has won numerous awards and scholarships, including the National Mature Media Merit Award for her article titled Beat the Clock, which appeared in Living Fit magazine.

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Speaking Topics Include:

Age-Proof Your Body!
While you can’t prevent aging, there’s no reason to look or feel old. You even can slow the process and make it more enjoyable! Elizabeth Somer, M.A.,R.D. will share the easy diet, fitness, and supplement guidelines that add health to your years and years to your health. She will describe three dietary habits that help a person stay young and healthy at any age, from 20 to 120; explain how every age-related problem – from heart disease and cancer to cataracts, wrinkles, and memory loss – can be avoided with a few simple changes in how you eat, think, and move; and help participants develop personal plans for how to eat, when to exercise, and with what nutrients to supplement to stay youthful no matter what your age. Also discussed will be how to improve your immunity, reduce your risk for most age-related diseases, protect your vision, increase your endurance and strength, and bring passion to everyday living.

The Real Simple Diet: How To Eat Well in a Fast-Paced World
What are American’s eating? The latest stats are out and you might be surprised. Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D. will share the current research on what we are eating, how nutritional deficits affect health today and in the future, the underlying whys of nutrition, and simple and painless (almost) tips for making small changes in how we eat and supplement. She will describe two trends in the American diet that contribute to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other degenerative disorders; explain the link between antioxidants and cognition and age-related memory loss; help participants decipher the latest controversies regarding grains and carbohydrates, good versus bad fats, and soy (does it or doesn’t it help lower breast cancer risk?). Also discussed will be the nutrients needed to prevent osteoporosis, the influence of evolution on our dietary requirements and hazards today, and how to plan the best supplement program for your needs.

Food & Mood
Don’t you wish there was a happy pill that boosted your spirits when you felt out of sorts? Made you laugh when you were grumpy? Or warmed your heart just when you were ready to bite your honey’s head off? Well, it’s not a pill, but there is something as convenient as your refrigerator that could do the trick. How you feel has a lot to do with what you eat (or didn’t eat). Certain foods can tweak brain chemistry and help you stay happy, energized, and even calm. Elizabeth Somer is the authority we have come to rely on for sound, practical nutrition advice. Her best-selling book Food & Mood made clear the link between what we eat and how we feel, think, act, and sleep and has been the go-to book for more than a decade for adopting a diet that helps you feel your best. But a wealth of new research since then has shed light on the mood- and mind-boosting effects of the antioxidants, the omega-3s, certain supplements, and more. There are even a few super mood foods! This presentation distills the wealth of new information on how to eat and move to feel vibrant, think clearly, remember more, have more energy, sleep better, calm stress, and curb those cravings!

Eat Your Way to Sexy
What does sexy feel like? Take a moment, sit back, close your eyes, and imagine what it is like to feel strong, attractive, and sensual. To strut into a room confident, knowing you turn heads? Just for a moment, connect with the You that feels the most desirous, passionate, alive. For a woman, part of that image might be wearing a pair of cute black high-heel stilettos. For a man, it might be driving a racy sports car. But, I want you to go deeper than that. What are the feelings, attitudes, emotions that enticed you to put on the high heels or walk the walk in the first place? What does sexy feel like deep down inside? What fuels that passion? I’m guessing you’ll find at the core of your sexy self a wellspring of positive feelings. You will find confidence, vitality, unlimited energy, aliveness, and gusto. In short, when you are feeling genuinely comfortable in your own skin, happy, excited about life, and have the energy to be adventurous, it is then you are likely to also feel your sexiest. This presentation provides the basics on how to eat and live to feel vibrant, confident, passionate about life. Follow the advice and you’ll even look 15 years younger. That’s a promise!

Women’s Nutrition: The Latest Research
Nine out of ten women think they are eating reasonably well. Most are fooling themselves. Elizabeth Somer, M.A.,R.D. will discuss the latest information on women’s eating habits, the top nutritional concerns, the Healthy Woman’s Diet, responsible supplementation, and how to decipher women’s nutrition news.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytochemicals: Is Food Enough?
Elizabeth Somer, M.A.,R.D. will present the latest research on how optimal intake of vitamins such as the antioxidants, minerals such as iron and magnesium, and the thousands of phytochemicals in plants can aid in the prevention of chronic disease, boost immunity, extend the healthy middle years, and improve memory.

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