First, let me congratulate you on packing a lunch. Most school lunch programs are awful, loaded with fat, salt, sugar, calories, and processed foods. You can pack a healthy, yummy lunch in no time and rest assured you are fueling your kids’ day with nutrition-packed foods. Here are a few ideas to get you through the week:

1) Peanut butter candy sandwich (a mixture of peanut butter, honey, and wheat germ) on whole wheat bread. A 6-ounce yogurt, and a carton of calcium-fortified orange juice.

2) A chicken and black bean burrito (Black beans, low-fat cheese, left-over chicken wrapped in a Mission Life Balance tortilla). A carton of milk and apple slices.

3) Chicken salad sandwich (cubed chicken breast, diced celery, and low-fat mayo) on whole wheat bread. Baby carrots dunked in low-fat Ranch dressing or peanut butter, and a carton of milk.

4) A ham n’ cheese roll up: Layer lean ham and low-fat cheese, along with a little mustard in a Mission tortilla and roll up. Orange slices, fresh strawberries, and a carton of milk or tub of yogurt.

5) Turkey Cranberry Sandwich (layer turkey slices, fat-free cream cheese, cranberry sauce, a few dried tart cherries on whole wheat bread). Watermelon cubes in a baggie. Carton of milk or calcium-fortified orange juice.