Miss Speedyboots If you were promised a pill that would slow aging, help prevent heart disease and cancer, and help you feel and look younger for the rest of you life, and it had no side effects other than improved mood and self image, would you take it? You’d be crazy not to! Well, it may not be a pill, but there is something you can do every day that provides all of these benefits. It’s exercise.
People in their second 50 years not only slow the aging process, they may even be able to reverse it with exercise. A routine that includes daily weight-bearing exercise such as walking or jogging, with two to three sessions weekly of weight lifting helps prevent bone deterioration and even reverses bone loss; reduces the risk of developing heart disease; boosts metabolism while lowering body fat, thus helping maintain a desirable weight; reduces the risk of losing your independence later in life due to frailty and weakness; might even reduce cancer risk; and is essential to grasping the vitality to enjoy those extra years. In fact, an unfit person at any age can reduce his or her risk of dying prematurely by up to 50% by becoming fit, and active people are two decades younger than their sedentary couch potatoes. And, it’s never too late to begin. Even people in their nineties see a 227% improvement in strength within just a few weeks of starting an exercise program. So, no more excuses. There is nothing you can do for yourself and your health today and down the road that is more important than exercising almost every day and for at least 30 minutes to one hour. Just do it!

Photo credit: Wellyproject via Compfight