Chipwich Until your child can drive, you are the gate-keeper for food coming into the house. Stop buying the potato chips, soda pop, and sugar-coated cereals, and start stocking the kitchen with nutritious foods. Then, make these nutritious foods readily available and easy to reach. Place dried fruit, nuts, pretzels, and other snacks in apothecary jars on the kitchen counter. Stock the refrigerator with baby carrots, low-fat yogurts and cheese, and cut-up fruit. Instead of soda pop and sugary drinks, have milk and orange juice. In the freezer, instead of ice cream and popsicle, have frozen 100% juice bars, frozen blueberries, all-fruit sorbet, and whole wheat waffles. Rather than cookies, have graham crackers, fresh fruit, and whole grain crackers.  Left with only nutritious foods, your child will choose a nutritious diet.  Photo credit: Patrick via Compfight