What-is-eating-disorderI’ll bet my nutrition credentials that the real reason why you haven’t lost that excess weight, be it 5, 50, or 150 pounds, has more to do with a habit or two that you unconsciously practice every day. You probably are not even aware of how that habit is sabotaging the best efforts to be lean, healthy, energetic, and gorgeous person.
For example, there is the dishonesty factor. People seriously underestimate what they eat. One study found that people typicall underestimate their daily food intakes by approximately 800 calories! That is the calorie equivalent of a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese and an order of Fries. (Over the course of a month, that is the fat equivalent of almost 7 pounds.) The heavier people are, the more they fudge the numbers. Even people who call themselves “small eaters,” have been known to under-report their food intake by more than a third. We overestimate our fruits/vegetables intakes (no the 3 blueberries in a muffin is NOT a serving!) and our daily exercise, but seriously underestimate how much refined grain and meat we eat.
How can we trick ourselves into being more honest? Some dishonesty is intentional, but much of it is just a simple matter of not knowing what a portion is. So, for a week, get out the food scale, the measuring cups and spoons, and do your homework. A serving of meat/chicken/fish is 3 ounces, or the size of a deck of cards. A serving of cooked grain is 1 /2 cup or the size of your fist. A serving of raw vegetables is a cup, cooked vegetables is 1 /2 cup, and juice is 6 ounces. Also, place a mirror in the dining room. People eat less when they can see themselves eating!
As for exercise, if you already think you are working out, but can’t lose weight, I recommend hiring a personal trainer for one week. That will give you a comparison of what a real workout should be. You might find out that your typical exercise session doesn’t even allow you to break a sweat.