Centrum or NatureMade’s Essential Balance for menstruating women
is fine. Then supplement that with a calcium/magnesium with about 500mg
calcium and about 250mg of magnesium. Or, if you are postmenopausal then
Centrum Silver or Mature Balance along with the cal/mag. I used to like
NutriGuard’s Broad Spectrum w/iron for menstruating women and w/o iron for
postmenopausal women, but I’ve not checked it lately to see if it is still
as good as it used to be. Also, Metabolic Maintenance has a multi called
Basic Maintenance that is pretty good, but doesn’t have iron and you still
need to supplement with cal/mag. Whatever supplement you choose, make sure
to also get a supplement of the omega-3 fat DHA. You need at least 220mg of
that daily. Hope that helps.