PillsCurrent discoveries into mapping the human genome might well be the key to unlocking the mystery of nutritional individuality. The three billion nuceotides distributed sequentially among 23 pairs of chromosomes provide a staggering field for nutrient variations. If the metabolic pathway influencing nutritional requirements for each of the 40+ nutrients (not to mention the almost one million phytochemicals!) was affected independently on even two sites at a single genetic locus, we could expect that the number of variations in nutritional variability could be in excess of 200 trillion!
Each of us is genetically unique in our nutritional needs. But, while each of us might not fit the “normal range,” we haven’t a clue as to what to do about that. Until human genome sequencing explains this topic, it’s easy for the message to be misused to justify taking megadoses of vitamins, going on low-carb fad diets, injecting growth hormone, or other senseless, and potentially harmful, practices. Yes, you are unique. Just how unique is still a mystery. Until we know more, trust that the Recommended Dietary Allowances or RDAs are the best approximation of what most people need. You can go higher, say up to 300% for most nutrients without doing harm, but don’t pay extra for tests or supplements touted as specialized to your individual needs. Most will tax your pocketbook more than improve your health. Creative Commons License Keith Ramsey via Compfight