Panier "bio" No! Save your money and buy real fruit, not dried-orange capsules or blueberry pills. Juice Plus+ comes in a variety of flavors, such as Orchard Blend capsules made by freeze-drying seven fruits. These products are typically sold through multi-level marketing programs. They claim to contain beneficial “live enzymes.” But enzymes are proteins produced by living cells and, when swallowed, are digested like any other protein. They don’t make it past the digestive tract to enter the bloodstream and body. These products also claim to boost immunity. There are no well-designed research studies (other than those conducted by the company, which of course has a vested interest that can bias results) to support these claims. If highly-processed fruit powders can boost immune function, imagine how much more effective real fruit would be! Granted, the capsules probably have some of the original antioxidants found in real fruit, but it’s difficult to say how much, since Juice Plus+ capsules have no nutritional labels. You can’t tell how much vitamin C or any of the 100s of 1000s of phytochemicals found in real fruit remains after the freeze-drying process. Keep in mind that it is impossible to cram 5 to 10 servings of fruits or vegetables into a fraction of an ounce of dried fruit powder, so it’s no wonder this product relies heavily on testimonials, not scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Stick with Mother Nature’s real stuff and skip the hype of these capsules or any other processed product that promises to replace real food. Photo credit: jalb via Compfight