Meatloaf can be a great comfort food if you follow this healthy suggestions, that lower the rat without sacrificing taste.
1. Switch from hamburger meat (20% or more fat) to extra lean beef (no more than 7% fat) and you will reduce fat by 25%. Better yet, use a blend of extra-lean ground round (no more than 7% fat by weight) and ground turkey breast. Ounce for ounce, the turkey breast is 28% lower in calories than even the leanest beef, so the mix will help further cut fat and calories without affecting taste.
2. Use soft bread crumbs in place of dry for a moister meatloaf.
3. Add onions, diced green peppers, or grated potato, zucchini, or carrots for a portion of the meat, which cuts calories and fat.
4. Use quick-cooking oats instead of bread crumbs, since the fiber in oats helps lower blood cholesterol levels.
5. Use egg substitute in place of whole eggs to lower cholesterol content.
6. Place loaf on a rack or poke holes in a loaf pan, then place on rack set in roasting pan and bake as usual, allowing fat to drip out and away from the meat.
7. Cut baked loaf into thin slices, stretching a 4-portions recipe into 6 portions before serving. Then load the rest of the plate with steamed vegetables, salad, and mashed potatoes made with nonfat milk.
8. Form mixture into mini-loaves or bake in muffin tins to reduce cooking time and control portions, such as “Individual Meat Loafs with Fresh Thyme” from Elizabeth Somer’s The Food & Mood Cookbook. This version is lower in fat (by 47 percent), lower in cholesterol (by more than half), and lower in calories (by 25 percent) than traditional meatloaf, yet is moist and tender, with a flavor punch from the fresh thyme and other classic ingredients.