First, make it easy on yourself. You don’t have to spend hours preparing a brown bag lunch for your child, yet can provide meals that are far superior to anything most children get at a school lunch program. The basic rule is to provide a quality grain, a protein, a fruit or vegetable, and a calcium-rich food. For example, fill a Mission Life Balance tortilla with tuna salad and chopped tomatoes (wrap tightly in plastic wrap), add a carton of chocolate or low-fat milk, a bag full of orange sections, and a cookie. Or, fill the bag with a tub of hummus, some whole wheat pita wedges, apple slices, and a 6-ounce yogurt. Peanut butter can be combined with sliced bananas, sliced apples, dried tart cherries, or even grated carrot on whole wheat bread. Add a carton of calcium-fortified OJ and a tub of pudding to round out the meal. A thermos of vegetable-beef soup with a cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread and a bag full of fresh strawberries is another idea.