Forget the weight-loss shakes, the fat-gram counting, the food combining, or the pre-packaged diet meals. Forget the total revamp of your eating habits, too. Losing weight can be as simple as eating breakfast or adding a salad at lunch. Here’s a list of 5 tried-and-true painless tricks to help you drop a few pounds and feel a lot healthier, without a hint of effort.
1. Include two fruits and/or vegetables at every meal and snack. You’ll meet your daily quota of 9 servings, feel full, and automatically cut back on fat and calories. [It’s as simple as adding blueberries and a glass of OJ along with cereal for breakfast, a salad and a glass of tomato juice to accompany a turkey sandwich at lunch, two steamed vegetables at dinner, and a few pieces of fruit for snacks.]
2. Eat breakfast. People who eat breakfast are much less likely to overeat later in the day. A healthful breakfast only takes 5 minutes and is as simple as milk, fruit, and whole-grain cereal.
3. Bring foods with you. Pack one snack for each 4 hours you’ll be gone. Pack your briefcase, glove compartment, or desk drawer at work with oranges, apples, yogurt, bread sticks, string cheese, and other quick-fix healthful snacks.
4. Eat regularly. Plan a mini-meal or snack every four hours. That way you will be comfortably full after a meal, avoid feeling ravenous, and be less like to overeat in the long run.
5. Eyeball portions. A ½ cup serving of rice is the size of your fist, an ounce of cheese is the size of a large marble, a 3-ounce serving of meat is the size of a cassette case, and 2 Tbsp of salad dressing is the size of a ping pong ball.