Breakfast really is THE most important meal of the day. Eight or more hours have passed since your last meal. Demanding that your body shift into full gear without stopping to refuel is like expecting a car to run on an empty tank. You might feel fine at first, but people who skip breakfast struggle more with fatigue later in the day than do people who take time to eat. Avoid high-sugar breakfasts, such as doughnuts and coffee, that provide an initial energy boost, but leave you drowsy within a few hours. In contrast, meals that follow my 1,2,3 rule guidelines can help fuel your morning, and even your day. Those rules are: 1. include some protein, 2. add a whole grain, and 3. at least 2 servings of a colorful fruit or vegetable. It’s as simple as a bowl of whole grain cereal with low-fat milk or soymilk and a bowl of watermelon or a big handfull of blueberries.