Question: I saw that you recommended NutriGuard’s Broad Spectrum multi-vitamin. Is the 2,000 IU dose of vitamin D concerning to you? I’m reading your book – Eat Your Way to Happiness – and saw your suggestion of getting 400 IU’s a day and to discuss need for more than 1,000. Just curious if I should be concerned about high amounts as it does look like one of the better multi-vitamins I have been able to find in all other regards.

Reader in Los Angeles


Answer:  Interesting. Nutriguard must have reformulated since last I checked.
I’ll have to look at the rest of the formula to see if they have changed
anything else. 2,000IU is a bit high for a daily dose of vitamin D, and
definitely not something I’d recommend for children/teens. However,
typically Nutriguard recommends taking 6 to 8 tablets, so you could lower
the dose by cutting the amount to 3 to 4 tablets a day. I have liked that
supplement in the past because the minerals, such as chromium, selenium,
magnesium, etc, were in the best absorbable form; you can adjust the dose
depending on how well you eat everyday; and the ratios of vitamins were good
(altho a bit high for the Bs). Also, you can get it with iron or without
iron, depending on whether you are a man/postmenopausal women who doesn’t
need iron anymore or a premenopausal women who does.

Personally, I’m taking about 1500IU of vitamin D several times a week, but
not every day. It is easy to get a blood test for this vitamin, so that
would be the place to start to see if you are in the” 80% of Americans
group” low in vitamin D.