Q: Are there any diet tips for treating tinnitus?
– Don from Calistoga

A: Sorry, I have not seen any respectable scientific studies on diet and tinnitus, a condition characterized by ringing or noise in the ears, other than eliminating caffeine from the diet. Granted, people claim supplements of zinc, ginseng, vitamin B12, and/or vitamin E might help, but there is no valid evidence to support these claims. (Aspirin and some antihistamines also can aggravate tinnitus.) Some people with the condition find it helpful to avoid silence by keeping a radio or noise machine with sounds of the ocean or rain on at bedtime. Yoga and other relaxation tips can help reduce the symptoms. Tinnitus is one of the first warning signals of malfunctioning thyroid, so make sure you consult a physician. Contact the American Tinnitus Association for more information on successful treatment options, or visit their website at www.ata.org -Elizabeth Somer