Q: Does The Origin Diet have a pyramid?
– Anonymous

A: Yes. On page 126 is the Origin Pyramid. Starchy vegetables and whole grains are the bottom tier, then two layers of fruits and vegetables, one fresh, frozen and dried, and the other raw selections. The fourth tier up is divided between fish, seafood, and meats that nutritionally resemble wild game and other protein-rich foods such as legumes. The rest of the pyramid contains nonfat milk, then nuts, seeds, olives, and avocados, and finally at the top eggs and honey. Basically, you’re designing your diet around foods you could hunt or gather. If it doesn’t grown on a tree, bush, vine, or plant; can’t be dug up or harvested; isn’t hunted or fished; or cant’ be found in nature, then it probably doesn’t belong on your plate. – Elizabeth Somer