Q: How do I get started on The Origin Diet?
– Anonymous

A: Well, first off, you don’t have to live in a cave or eat wooly mammoth to eat in sync with your heritage. In fact the people who have adopted the Origin Diet found it much easier than they had anticipated. But it did take two basic habits: planning ahead and bringing food with you. When those two basic rules are followed, the rest of the diet fell into place. The more steps you include in your diet, the greater the health benefits, but adding any step to your routine will improve your health and your waistline. Some people who have adopted the Origins diet found it easy, since they needed only to fine-tune already healthy eating styles. Other people found the process a bit daunting at first, until they realized they didn’t need to make all the changes at once. For example, one woman found that she was most motivated to stick with it long-term if she followed the guidelines during the week, but relaxed the rules on the weekends. Another person settled into a pattern of following the diet when he was home, and sticking with it about 75% of the time when he traveled. The most important goal is to stick with this healthy eating plan for life; if that means including a few processed foods into your daily or weekly plan, then by all means do it! – Elizabeth Somer