Q: I love your new book, The Origin Diet! Are there any additional cookbooks that you would recommend to those following the diet?
– Anonymous

A: First, The Origin Diet has an extended recipe section at the back of the book with everything from appetizers and soups, and salads to chicken and fish dishes, vegetables, whole grains, and casseroles. Second, I ran two studies on 40 people who followed The Origin Diet for six to twelve weeks. We found that many, many recipes easily could be converted to Origin guidelines. So, I would recommend looking through the cookbooks and magazines you already have and see which ones fit the criteria, which is that they are made from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, nut or olive oil, chicken or turkey breast, any seafood, and/or whole grains. Often you can adapt a recipe as easy as switching from butter to olive oil or from white rice to brown rice. Of course, the more a recipe depends on processed and refined ingredients, the bigger the challenge to fit it into a healthy Origin recipe. – Elizabeth Somer