Q: I was reading an article that mentioned studies show that eating late a night doesn’t effect weight gain. While I would like to believe that, is this really true?
– Alexis

A: That’s true. The bottom line for weight loss is calories, no matter when or where they are consumed. Eat too many calories morning, noon, or night and you gain weight. There probably is a slight fat-storing effect when a person eats a large dinner or evening snack and then sits around all night compared to eating a large breakfast followed by an active day, but the effect is too small to make any difference in a person’’s weight. However, people are more prone to overeating high-calorie foods after dinner, such as ice cream, buttered popcorn, nuts and those calories add up. If you are someone who can’’t keep his/her hand out of the cookie jar at night and are battling the bulge, then either don’’t bring the cookies into the house at all or make a pact that you won’’t enter the kitchen after dinner is cleaned up. – Elizabeth Somer