Q: Is fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables best?
– Shannon in Cadott, Wisconsin

A: The best vegetable is the one you are most likely to eat. If you love canned and hate fresh green beans, then eat the canned. In terms of nutrients, the most nutrient-packed are very, very fresh produce. However, if the produce has been sitting on a supermarket shelf for several days and/or it sits in your refrigerator for a week, then you are better off with frozen, plain vegetables, which have been processed within hours of picking. Canned is alright, as long as you use the juice, since some nutrients leach out of the vegetable into the canning fluid during processing. When cooking fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables, use a minimum of water, cook only until crisp, and use immediately (leftover vegetables have lost nutrients in the second heating). -Elizabeth Somer