Q: I’ve heard that calcium now comes in a chocolate candy. Is this a good supplement?
– Helene

A: Several brands of chewable chocolate-flavored calcium supplements are now available, including Viactiv Soft Calcium Chews, that tastes like a chocolate caramel. Each chew packs in 500 milligrams of calcium (more than two Tums and the same amount as most other supplements) and 100IU of vitamin D, to aid in calcium absorption. The chews don’t contain magnesium, a mineral also essential for bones, so make sure to keep eating those greens, beans, and nuts. Granted, each chew is sweetened with a teaspoon of sugar (as corn syrup) and they’re a bit pricey, but, for a few extra pennies, this is one supplement that tastes so good you’ll look forward to tomorrow’s dose. (Keep out of the reach of children, who might overdose on these tasty treats!) Look for Viactiv Chews or similar chocolate calcium supplements in your local grocery or drug store. -Elizabeth Somer