Q: The Neanderthin diet advocates eating pemmican. Does drying beef impact it’s suitability for humans?
– Anonymous

A: No. You can’t alter the chemical composition of beef; whether it is roasted, dried, stewed, or deep-fat fried, it still contains saturated fat. For more than 100,000 generations, our ultra-great grandparents, all Homo sapiens, thrived on wild game, which is very lean and very low in saturated fat. Our bodies are essentially cave-dweller bodies in designer jeans. So it makes sense that saturated fat in domesticated meats like beef would be an alien substance to our systems, and why it clogs arteries, causes heart disease, contributes to colon cancer, and much more. Anyone who uses the argument that we evolved on meat therefore steak is OK, hasn’t done their research. Yes, we evolved on meat and seafood, but the meat was nutritionally more similar to nuts than to beef. Today, unless you hunt wild game, your best options are seafood, fish, and skinned breast meat of chicken or turkey. These foods most closely resemble the fat content of wild game and are the types of foods that fuel our bodies, not clog the works. – Elizabeth Somer