Q: What are the differences between the Feeling Good Diet in your book Food & Mood and The Origin Diet?
– Anonymous

A: Both diets are healthful diets based on foods that will help you manage your weight and feel good. However, the diet tips and habits suggested in The Feeling Good diet are designed specifically to boost mood, curb depression, improve thinking, based on the latest research in nutrition and psychology. The diet recommendations in The Origin Diet are based on the research from both nutrition and anthropology. In Food & Mood, you’ll find that it is not just what you eat, but when you eat that affects mood, energy, and thinking. So, for example, you will find both whole and refined grains on the Feeling Good Diet with recommendations to include some grain at every meal and snack. You’ll find recommendations to cut back on sugar, but not necessarily to cut it out or to switch to honey. The Origin Diet doesn’t focus so closely on when to eat or what foods to include at each meal as it does how to live as closely attune to your body’s natural needs as possible in modern life. No refined grains here, no sugar, no processed foods. The Origin Diet is the closest meal plan I’ve found to the perfect diet, based on both everything I’ve learned in the past 25 years of studying nutrition, as well as the increasing evidence from archeology/anthropology on what foods our bodies evolved on; hence, the fuel on which our bodies thrive. – Elizabeth Somer