Q: Will eating smaller meals throughout the day help lower my cholesterol?
– Ed in Connecticut

A: Yes. Numerous studies, including several from the University of Toronto, have shown that nibbling, compared to gorging on big meals, helps improve cholesterol metabolism and keep insulin levels low. It also lowers blood cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and improves insulin sensitivity. The benefits are noticed within weeks of initiating a nibbling style of eating. The trickle down effect on health is a lowered risk of diabetes, heart disease (the number one health concern for postmenopausal women and men), and possibly even cancers of the colon and breast. Keep in mind, this means spreading your current food intake into little meals and snacks, not adding more snacks to your current diet!! In other words, have the oatmeal with raisins and orange juice for breakfast, but save the glass of milk and banana for the mid-morning snack. Have a sandwich, raw vegetables, and tomato juice for lunch, but save the dessert of yogurt and fruit for the mid- afternoon snack. Dine on spaghetti, salad, and steamed vegetables in the evening, then have the slice of French bread and a cup of nonfat cocoa for a late-night snack. -Elizabeth Somer