Olive Oil Tasting - Dauro  Not necessarily. Extra-virgin is the most flavorful, but those flavors also breakdown quickly with heat. This type of olive oil is best used in salad dressings, as a dip for bread, and drizzled over already cooked foods, where it isn’t heated. The pure olive oil or virgin olive oil is a more all-purpose oil that can be used for sauteing and in cooking. The light olive oil has no flavor, so it works well even in baking. You might want to aim for 3 bottles of olive oil in your cupboard: the inexpensive light for cooking and baking, the virgin oil for cooking, and the extra-virgin for salads and other delicate dishes where it will add flavor. Also, when buying olive oil, don’t go just by price. It’s really a matter of taste preference. Sample different varieties to find the one that best suits your likes. Don’t be too concerned with color. The riper the olives used for that particular oil, the paler the color, but color doesn’t necessarily imply flavor. Photo credit:LexnGer via Compfight