This is the most common question I am asked, as if adding carrots to an otherwise poor diet will magically turn the grump ship around. As I discuss in my book, Eat Your Way to Happiness, eating for a better mood is an eating style, not a handful of foods. Eat real, unprocessed foods at least 75% of the time, starting with breakfast, and you will feel better, think faster, have an easier time controlling your cravings and waistline, and even sleep more soundly. That means three quarters of plate should be colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seafood, and other authentic foods. Make sure to eat regularly, keep meals light, and include at least two colorful fruits or vegetables at every meal and at least one at every snack. Oh, and take the right supplements, of course. Now, if you want the details of how to put those rules into practice, you’ll have to read the book!!