EpidemicLet’s set the record straight once and for all: Medically speaking, there is no such thing as cellulite. This “fat-gone-wrong” is touted as a combination of fat, water, and toxic wastes that resists being dislodged. But that is just a pretend name for plain, old pudge that ripples, puckers, and waffles, mostly on the thighs, in varying degrees in up to 90 percent of women regardless of dress size or fitness level. Everyone has a different body type and some people have inherited the genes for dimply fat. This clumpy fat is what makes women curvy and results from fat cells stored just under the skin in honeycomb-like structures held in place by bands of connective tissue. The more fat stuffed into each honeycomb, the more puckered the texture. As skin loosens from age or weight gain (sun bathing or smoking also are factors), the fat clumps become more visible, creating that dimpled look. This womanly fat is no different from any other fat in the body; however, women are more prone than men to dimply fat because their skin is thinner, they have less even fat distribution, and because they store fat in the hips and thighs.
Since there is nothing special about cellulite, there also is no unique diet trick to remove it. Regardless of what the fad diets and hype tell you, the only way to lose body fat of any kind and lose it for good is to exercise daily and follow a calorie-controlled, healthy diet of colorful fruits and vegetables, with modest amounts of whole grains, low-fat milk or soymilk products, legumes, and omega-3-rich fish.

Photo credit: Creative Commons License Tony Alter via Compfight