No supplement will do much good if you don’t first follow the
guidelines I lay out in Eat Your Way to Happiness. Follow the 75% rule, eat
the 1,2,3 breakfast, cut back on the quick fixes such as sugar and caffeine,
lace the diet with some super mood foods, etc. And, of course, exercise
every day!! Then, if you are doing all of that, a few supplements, such as
kava kava and valarian might help. No recommended dose has been established
for kava kava, but 100mg of the extract taken three times daily has proven
effective in some studies. Valarian is typically taken an hour before
bedtime in a dose of 50 to 100 drops of the tincture or tea prepared from 1
teaspoon of dried root. Some people complain of stomach upsets with
valarian. But, again, I can’t emphasize enough that no herb will do much if
you first don’t follow the diet and exercise guidelines. Don’t take any
herb product without first talking with your physician if you are pregnant
or could be pregnant.