? January Cupcakes ? - Coconut and Pineapple  First there was honey. It was supposed to be nutritious, loaded with nutrients. But it takes almost 19 cups of honey for 19,200 calories, to get the calcium you’d get in one cup of nonfat milk (90 calories). Then there was agave syrup, last year’s trendy sugar. We all know that high fructose corn syrup is bad for us. High fructose corn syrup is about 55% fructose, while agave is 80% or more fructose! Obviously, that was another scam. Now it’s coconut sugar, touted as natural and containing minerals like zinc and calcium. Coconut sugar is no different than all the other sugars before it. It is just sugar. In fact, it is 80% sucrose, which is the same as table sugar. Bottom line: Don’t be fooled into thinking there is a healthy sugar out there. Sugar is sugar, and we are eating far too much of it. This trend will benefit the pockets of the coconut sugar industry at the expense of your health. Deborah Cardinal via Compfight