Thank you for all the great info you have us at CDA this weekend. Didn’t get to go up and ask my questions. I have two, you talked about how wheat flour isn’t good. Can you explain?  Also, my husband is very lean, can’t afford to lose any weight, works out 2 to 4 hours daily plus being on his feet walking for 8 his at work, yet he is borderline diabete. All his md says is to loose weight and exercise. Is there a way to figure out his daily requirements based on how much he exercises? I know that his caloric and sugar and fast intakes needed must be higher than the average couch potato.


When I said “wheat flour” I was talking about reading labels. If a label of whole wheat bread lists in the ingredients “wheat flour” that means it is white flour. For a whole wheat bread to be truly 100% whole wheat, the ingredient list must say whole wheat, not wheat flour.

I cannot prescribe over email and from afar. I recommend your husband find a good registered dietitian in your area to work with him on what and how much he needs to eat and exercise to contain, treat, or even reverse the diabetes. The website provides R.D.’s in your area.