This is one of the best examples of deceptive packaging in the grocery store! Check the label and you’ll note that the first two ingredients in most ‘vegetable chips” such as Flat Earths’ Crisps, are rice flour and potato flakes….that’s right, this incredibly deceptive chip, which often is found in the canned fruit aisle, is just potato chips. Check further and you’ll note the Crisps have more corn oil, modified corn startch, and oat flour than pumpkin, more sugar than dehydrated onion, and more salt than tomato. While a serving of any of those vegetables supplies 19 to 40 calories and virtually no sodium, to get a full serving vegetables from these Crisps will cost you 260 calories, with 380mg sodium. How a manufacturer can take a healthy, fat-free apple or banana, load it with fat and sugar, then pass it off as healthy is beyond me! Same goes for the apple chips, which have the same calories per ounce as potato chips. In short, neither potato chips, vegetable chips. or fruit chips are a good choice.

Instead choose. If you want something crunchy, try snacking on raw Chinese pea pods or apple slices. If you want something closer to a chip, cut corn tortillas into wedges, dust them with salt or seasonings and bake until crispy