Question: I was wondering why it is widely believed that saturated fats are bad for you, when logically humans have evolved to eat animal fats which provide a large number of uses in the body?

Humans evolved on diets very low in saturated fats. They didn’t eat fatty domesticated animals, like cows, lambs, and pigs. They ate wild game, which is extremely lean and the ratio of saturated fats to omega-3s is the opposite of domesticated animals. Saturated fats are not essential nutrients. In fact, if humans never ate another gram of saturated fats it wouldn’t affect health at all. However, the omega-3s, especially the omega-3s in fatty fish (an of those, DHA is by far the most important), are critical to blood vessel, nerve, and occular tissue function and structure; are not made by the body, so must be obtained from the diet; and numerous health conditions, from dementia, depression, and possibly even Alzheimers to heart disease are now being attributed to low omega-3 intake. I cover this issue in detail in my book – The Origin Diet.